Housing Cooperative Management Software

Housing Cooperative Management Software

Housing cooperatives are organizations formed by members with primary objective of pooling resources, strengthening bargaining power, cutting cost while acquiring land or property such as housing units. Some housing cooperatives enhance in construction of houses on behalf of their members.

Functions within housing cooperatives can be summed up as

  • Registration of members – KYC

Jisort housing cooperative system allow registration of cooperative members with all their details including beneficiaries and bank details.


  • Acquisition of Property/ Land


Allow registration of the supplier /Land seller

Then the system allow capture of land purchase by the housing cooperative , purchase price, LR Number, Land Size, payments made.


  • Subdivision of land

Allow subdivision of main tract of land to units/plots which will be reserved and sold off to member.


  • Detailing of units/ plots – plot name, LR number, Certificate number

Jisort allow detailing, assigning plot name, LR number, Certificate number among other details for the plot.

  • Assigning and Reservation of Plots to the clients


System allows the Housing cooperative or real estate Company to reserve a plot / unit for a member. In addition to reserving, plots/units can be officially assigned to a client or member after paying a down payment or any other requirements as per the organizations by laws.


  • Receiving of Payments towards payment for the land / plots.

Jisort as well allow payment processing towards the plot acquisition from the member or the client. Payments can be made from Mpesa or bank which is fully integrated with the system.

  • Property Accounting

Jisort is one of the few real estate accounting system that allow accounting based on a project or property in additional to the organization’s accounting  and financial reporting. The Real Estate Company or housing cooperative will be in position to tell income accrued from the various projects or schemes or properties as they allocate to the members.

  • Financial accounting and reporting

Provide rich accounting and financial reporting data including cash book, income statements, trial balance, and balance sheet among other financial reports that may be required by the Real Estate Company or the Housing cooperative.


Loan Management Software for Cooperative unions

Loan Management Software for Cooperative unions

Cooperative unions are formed by members with a common interest just like Saccos. The difference between cooperative unions and Saccos in the context of Loan Management Software is Simple; Sacco are cooperatives that specialize in Savings and Credit Services only, while majority of Cooperative Union have an economic activity like dairy farming, corn farming, poultry, fishery, horticultural practice besides the savings and credit services. Cooperative Unions are tasked by members to address other common problems including marketing their products, warehousing and processing the produces among other things. Jisort is serving several cooperative unions in Africa. Besides automating the savings and credit services, Jisort has accommodated a few other functionalities to serve cooperative unions including a HRM/ Payroll Module to allow Cooperative union process salaries for their staff.

Billing module is popular with cooperative unions allowing processing of supplier and customers invoices. Making and receiving payments to supplier and from customers.

Jisort Loan Management System seeks to automate all the operations with a cooperative union irrespective of the underlying business model.

Loan Management Software for Microfinance Institutions /MFIs

Loan Management Software for Microfinance Institutions /MFIs

MFIs are private companies formed with the objective of providing financial solution to the general public.

Most Microfinance Institution seeks to serve niche markets. Popular niche markets include Car owners who are financed against their logbooks, land owners who are financed with their land/ title deed as the security, salaried staff who are financed with employer commitment to deduct the loan repayments from the employee salaries.

In the Jisort Loan management System client portfolio, MFI/Microfinance institutions feature prominently, already over 50 MFIs across the world are powered by Jisort.

Operations of MFis are majorly registration of clients, issuance of loans to these clients, servicing of loans by the clients, financial accounting and reporting.

These operations are comprehensive served by Jisort Loan Management System. Jisort loan Management system allows registration of clients and potential client through the KYC (Know Your Client) / Registration Module.

Loan Module allows issuance of straight line and reducing balance loans automatically from the system, allowing multilevel approval by the authorized personnel’s. On approval loans are disbursed to the clients via bank, cheque or Mpesa/ Mobile Money.

MFI Loan software as well allow servicing of the issued loans by clients, sending payment reminders when due via SMS and Emails. Payments are received by Mobile Money or Banks which are fully integrated with Jisort.

Some of the reports for microfinance use include:

  • Portfolio at Risk (PAR)
  • Ageing Reports
  • Loan Ledger for Customers / Loan Statement
  • Outstanding loans Report
  • CRB Reports
  • CBK Report
  • Expected Repayments Reports
  • View Loans report
  • Rejected Loans Report
  • Unapproved Loans Report
  • Disbursed Loan Reports.

Jisort Android application allows better customer service to clients by allowing mobile loan application and simplified account management from the mobile app. Try out Jisort Loan Management Software for MFI / Microfinance Institutions today.

 Loan management software for Sacco – Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations

 Loan management software for Sacco – Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations

These organizations are formed by like-minded individual mostly drawn from members with common economic activities or area of residence. Member contribute to saving accounts, money received in saving account is pooled for the purpose of funding for loans to be issued to the members.

Savings saved with the Sacco do not attract interest since loans are offered at discounted interest of 1% per month or 12% interest rate per annum.

However members earn dividends based on their share capital in the Sacco at the end of the financial year. Dividend is drawn from profit or surplus incomes registered during the year. The main income generating activity is loan interest received from loan issued to members.

Jisort takes in to consideration this type of business model.

Allow Sacco to issue loans on reducing balance to their members and directly receive loan interest income directly into their income accounts.

Jisort loan management system calculates surplus incomes automatically upon closure of the financial year. The loan Management software further allows payment of dividends to members at the end of the year. Jisort is a comprehensive system that allows Saccos to manage savings and deposits, issue and manage loans to members, perform Sacco accounting procedures as per regulatory body requirements


Loan Management Software

Loan Management Software

Jisort stands out as reliable Loan management software in Kenya, Africa and across the world. Serving 150+ financial institutions in Kenya. Irrespective of the type of the financial institution, there are standard procedure within these organizations in relation to processing of loans and management of loan products. Jisort Loan management system seek to address these standard procedures allowing systematic loan application, loan appraisal, loan approval, loan disbursement and loan servicing.

Jisort is a full fledge accounting system that automate these standard procedures for any other financial institution served while delivering the expected results. Some of the standard reports that are common among all the financial institutions served include the following reports.

  • Portfolio at Risk (PAR)
  • Ageing Reports
  • Loan Ledger for Customers / Loan Statement
  • Outstanding loans Report
  • CRB Reports
  • CBK Report
  • Expected Repayments Reports
  • View Loans report
  • Rejected Loans Report
  • Unapproved Loans Report
  • Disbursed Loan Reports.


Among the financial institutions served include


It’s the year 2017 and a lot has changed and is changing fast in banking and microfinance industry. What saddens me as I write this article is level of blindness and ignorance in the industry? The very players cannot seem to stomach the new developments that calls for a paradigm shift – they are not ready for the changes and seem like they will never be ready –therefore a revolution has just started.

Denial – established want status quo

I will start with a friend who runs a group of microfinance companies issuing loans against collateral – logbook most precisely. In more than 5 times have tried to persuade him that the future is mobile and that he should transit to mobile – issue smaller loans but to a bigger number of people even within established institutions.

But he is a former banker and believes the old trade that has been around for 300 years can only get better. My explanation; that finance decentralization and mobile disruption of banking doesn’t make sense for his microfinance industry mastery and experience. – Over 30 years to be precise.

Have promised him to keep him updated with figures as Jisort marketplace gain traction – we believe Jisort marketplace will be processing more than 10000 applications for credit a day more than any brick and mortar bank branch out there. We also believe people will prefer non corporate finance institutions as time passes that this is the real focus of Jisort.

Jisort the platform

We seek to have a platform running of secure and reliable cloud; employing artificial intelligence to serve the needs of consumers better than any customer care department can do in a bank or microfinance institution.

Jisort becomes part of a customer life; it knows everything not just what was filled in the customer application form. Jisort knows birthdays, weddings, dates, new borns, bereavement, and other losses – Jisort can therefore be supportive to a customer better than any bank. – sounds hypothetical but time will prove it right.

If trust is the most important asset, why should it not replace material collateral that only a few possess – Jisort seek to make it easier.

How many people have idle funds that they would love to engage just for some returns – of course better returns than what banks offer – many , Jisort; a piece of technology which allow this to happen and coincidentally cheap credit facilities for more people.

Mobile driven Technology

Mobile money has transformed fund transfer especially in Kenya, emergency of Branch, Tala and Jisort should be a warning clear enough to the existing players of the impending changes.

CBA, KCB and Equity claim to have issued more money reluctantly over their Mshwari, KCB-MPESA and EAZZY LOAN mobile products than the traditional credit platforms – due to the capped interest rates story – capped interest rates are here to stay – and by the way, even if the policy changed, competition in the sector will force them to remain under 14 percent anyway. What they don’t realize is the mobile is the future.

Role of the Regulatory

Missing puzzle – corporate finance –The government needs to realize the changes and move fast otherwise corporate will lack finances. Ryanada today cannot secure funds from a bank, why – banks are giving mobile loans (as they wait for the interest capping to be removed- funny) which are applicable by individual customers only.

The government needs to explore and facilitate crowd funding for businesses from individuals and other players. The government should also facilitate bond financing and equity trading for SMEs for the much needed enterprise funding. I laud South African government for coming up with a state sponsored venture capitalist firm to address some of these issues – Kenya should follow suit. – and why are we the ones to follow, we were the trend setters??

our resolve

At Jisort we innovate day and night to provide the ideal platform for the future financial institutions, mobile based non corporate ‘banks’ – sponsored through crowd funding probably. Let’s allow the brick and mortar banks to operate deposit boxes and other things.

I beg to put a comma for now…,


Microfinance Institutions play a big role in financial inclusion, and providing credit facilities to many people in the world. They provide financial services to small business and entrepreneurs, bridging a major gap in the financial industry. These supplement and complement the role played by banks, Saccos, and other informal banking service providers.

The microfinance industry in Kenya has been rapidly growing, fuelled by the demand for credit facilities, and numerous business entities that require financing their activities once in a while. This is replicated in surrounding countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria, which has a very high population and thus a bigger market.

The success of Microfinance Institutions requires good management and application of cutting edge technology to aid management decision making. There are several Microfinance information management systems that can be used. Most of these systems such as Jisort Banking Software are offered on cloud platform, making it easy for the institutions to run several branches. The leading management system for Microfinance institutions, MicrofinanceERP offers many services such as bulk payment system and other customized features that allow for quick disbursement of services. For a microfinance to succeed, the use of a good microfinance information management system and goo decision making, must work together.


For decades now Saccos have evolved in an enormous transformation especially because of the introduction of technology to this sector. Saccos have gone a step ahead to outsource for working systems that enable them to automate their transactions. To this effect Saccos have been able to grow n reaps and bounds to an extent of some through adoption of software going to an extent of owning buildings and growing their networth, running FOSA and BOSA. The growth has not only catapulted Saccos to the ranks of the best and low interest financial organization but has enabled members livelihood to change. The on-premise system has been the one in charge for a couple of years but in the recent years this has changed. Reason has been the hunger for a better serving system that has ease of access, flexibility, agility and compatibility. The basic quorum is the change of live that is involved with Technology. A Sacco member relocated to U.S.A wants to remain a member, be able to save, apply for a loan, guarantee a loan and have access to the system to view his/her statements anytime. On-premise doesn’t give this privilege and so one ends up withdrawing as a member and relocate.

Cloud Sacco system has come as an evolvement in better internet services and desire for better services offered to members. Members have made this possible through quest and push to be able to access the system instead of travelling for long distance to query on statements. The cloud Sacco system is hosted online and requires good access of internet to run. This means that the Sacco doesn’t have to have the software installed or access it from their premise. The cloud Sacco system is cost-cutting as the Sacco subscribes to what it uses. The cloud Sacco system is affordable and scalability remains the concern of the service providers leaving the Sacco to market itself and offer better services to its members. He cloud Sacco system is either paid for subscription in monthly or annual basis. Integration of money transfer services is one of the key entitlements of every system. The cloud Sacco system is an array of this opportunity and it enables it members far and wide to contribute to their accounts or repay loans. Cloud Sacco system since it uses internet to run emailing of statements to members is an added advantage. It assures to queues when members wants their statement saving on transport and time. Generation of reports in Cloud Sacco system has been made easier and better. A Loan officer in a meeting anywhere is able to project any report pertaining to loans just by a request.

Internet makes it possissile for easier communication worldwide. Given platform in cloud sacco sysem are developed to enable access the system through internet enabled gadgets easy ans fast. This way a sacco provides self-service to its members through dashboard. The elasticity that comes with cloud services assists the sacco to scale up or down as demand of services arises. Cloud Sacco system is a system that one can totally rely on no matter the trime or avenue. A manager in a hotel somewhere in Hawaii is ablt to manage the running of the Sacco all they way in Ghana and control user, approve loan application, plan on the daily running of the sacco and communicate cohenssicely with board members in case of any matter. Cloud sacco system has a section for USSD where membes uses a certain given code to query or give information. The two way messaging is a great way of creating strong bond with members and give them an opportunity to enjoy the services. Cloud sacco variable in different formarts generates unique member numbers for its members during creation of an account in the dashboard. Members receives confirmation of their account creation and membership which in the end creates trust. Driven by passion and better management Cloud sacco system transforms a sacco to better , efficient and prompt saving.


Cloud……???? What is Cloud Services – This are services mode available to user on demand via the internet. This is offered form a cloud computing provider’s server. This brings us to the contract or comparative of the on-premises servers. Any resource that is providing over the internet is entirely cloud and it has elasticity in services. Cloud is basically a metaphor for the internet. Cloud lest you focus on business rather than on your software. The providers worries about scalability, security, uptime, application maintenance and system upgrade. The Cloud has several benefits that are vital to the choice to go cloud. The concept of cloud lets one run computer application over the internet without buying, installing or manage your own server. One can run the application with just a browser and internet connection.

Cloud microfinance means that the organization will run or use a hosted system in the service provider or vendors server. The organization will gain access on a given URL that will be starting forum to access the system and serve its clients. All transaction services are handled in the cloud as loan application, approval;, guaranteeing and disbursement are the main services offered by a Microfinance. A cloud Microfinance enables members to access the system through creation of a Dashboard. Clients are able to login after creating an account. One is able to request for a loan, guarantee another client. The cloud microfinance has as usual pros and cons. Some Microfinance cannot adhere or come to understanding of using a cloud microfinance system. Yes, the issue of security is a major concern and each vendor seeks to prove that the hosting services are independent and so is the system hosted. The aggregate optimum of cloud microfinance is the backup that is always in the frontline of its features. One rest assured that no matter whatever happens the back-up will enable the organization to proceed where they might have stopped.

Cloud microfinance gives room for the organization managers to rest and look into other things. They don’t need to worry about maintenance and support, or scalability. The service provider takes care of that. The ease of access for Cloud Microfincae is a phenomenon idea. In a meeting, reports are generated not in hardcopy but softcopy. The minimizing on printing makes it easier for an organization to cut on printing costs, Smartphone’s and Tablets are lighter gadgets that don’t deserve a magnitude of space. Cloud microfinance is accessible through this devices and since in the century we are in 98% own Smartphone’s, everywhere anywhere one can have access to the system. The field officers, with integration are able to send reports, perform loan application procedure, collect payment and the transactions reflect in the client’s accounts.

Intellectually cloud microfinance not only saves on revenue but increases income big time. Servers are expensive and even more expensive to maintain. Internet connection and a browser are easy to get, which makes cloud microfinance a better working platform. Cloud allows integration of mobile money transfer so an organization should not worry about money transfer.

The cloud microfinance is low overhead as supervision of upgrade and system administration is managed by the vendor as it is cloud. We cannot forget about the ease of access, high availability, just needs internet and a browser, Kwisha you can run your system. The last but not the least is security and fast deployment, Saas provides better level of security and availability, disaster recovery and the most important…Backup. Fast deployment in regards it is easier and fast to deploy compared to installation and troubleshooting conventional servers or software. The optimized performance is a characteristic of a cloud microfinance as your business adjust accordingly. The subscription based pricing offers one to pay for what you are using. This brings along he benefit for better cash flow and information technology flexibility. The subscription varies as there is the monthly or the annual basis subscription. Cloud microfinance enables an organization to concentrate on the organization growth and not the software and upgrade. Big time opportunity for microfinance is to adopt cloud version software.


One of the principal challenges of modern applications is to offer a multitude of features without making the application complex. Jisort Banking Software has added several features and still has ease of access and is simple for even the illiterate to use. Let’s define ‘Feature’ as it is known in the ICT Sector or in another word ICT Base. A Feature is a distinguishing or distinctive characteristic of a software item that defines its functionality or performance. Features organize a system’s functionality and therefore is a broad application of the concept of feature to number of areas of software engineering, research and practice. Features are also useful for description of commonalities and variabilities in the analysis, design and implementation of software systems. A software must provide a vast number of complex features to its user ranging from terminal services. A system is said to be feature rich when it has many options and functional capabilities available to the users.

Jisort Banking Software features are unique and streamlined to offer an efficient working system. The manual modality of Sacco might not define these features but they are core even in the manual management of a Sacco. These features are intuitive as outlined below;

Member/Client’s Registration

Allows registration or members and their profiles or rather the bio data captured widely. Managing of members personal documents digitally promoting ease of access and retrieving of other documents possible. Members open accounts for various saving products and operates them easily.

Check-off, Shares management and Human Resource

Check off allows organization of members in a particular format that enables easy upload of data or information. Human resource is enabled and assists to manage the employed staff of the organization and initiates salary processing. Shares management as we all know intimates transfer of funds between different accounts.

Loan Products

Creation of new and unique loan products provided in the Jisort Banking Software products elevates the dynamism in loan products. Loan security extends to guarantorship or collateral management depending on the Organization policy or settings. Successful loan application proceeds to loan approval modeled dynamically to suit client’s policy. How long,how much, when? These questions are answered by the loan amortization as it offers a loan schedule that feature number of repayments, date of repayment and amount per repayment. Loan schedule allows a member to be aware and keeps a lingering mind to pay up the loan promptly.

Financial Module

Accounting is paramount I every system and it’s capability to capture double entry transaction makes it even better. Financial report and their accuracy is seriously something of concern and regard. The Jisort Banking Software offers cashbook,Banking and Reconciliation, Trial Balance, Profit and loss and Balance sheet. Mobile money transfer services is integrated with Jisort Banking Software and an organization is able to add a mobile money transfer service to its payment channel.


The above feature in Jisort Banking Software software enables an organization to process reports across all range. Nclusive in the reports are dates, amount if required ,balances and the transaction name for that matter. Printing and exporting to Word,Excel or PDF is not a wish but a reality with Jisort Banking Software System. Customization is a request that is countable as an organization is allowed to model its own custom solution. Adding,editing or deleting are tabs available across various transactional functions at disposal. Modeling of own solution creates familiar ground or base with the system and this enables one to note various changes that are or might be required.

System Administrator, Online banking,SMS Module

The above are features that are not common in other Sacco systems. System administrator allows an organization to set up its policy, loan setting or overhaul Sacco settings. Creation of groups, permission of system access is done in this section. A manager is able to retrieve Audit trail from this section illustrating each users work daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Jisort Banking Software has a Dashboard that allows members to login securely,register for an account, view and download statements. It also has a help desk or support chat section where clients get real time support. The SMS module integrated with the system allows sending or alerts and notification to members. USSD enables two way messaging as members can send requests or query on a matter and get feedback righton.

All these amazing features make Jisort Banking Software a superb system for Microfinaces,Saccos, Chama and every other Financial Institutions. Without a doubt Jisort Banking Software is amazing and still development and upgrade continue. The cloud microfinance is low overhead as supevison of upgrade and system administration is managed by the vendor as it is cloud. We cannot forgetabout the ease of access,high availability, just needs internet and a browser, Kwisha you can run your system. The last but not the least is security and fast deployment, Saas provides better level of security and availability, disaster recovery and the most important…Backup. Fast deployment in regards it is easier and fast to deploy compared to installation and troubshooting conventional servers or software.