Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers

Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO) is a national based Medical Laboratory Science Professional Association.We are a voluntary, non-profit making, non-governmental and non-political association which operates within the Republic of Kenya and may establish branches outside the country.

Mission Statement

To advance and maintain high standards of medical laboratory sciences by adhering to strict professional practice.

Membership Categories

Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers Membership

Ordinary Membership

Membership in this category is open to qualified Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers from Institutions recognized both by The Association and the (K.M.L.T.T.B) Board

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership is open to students pursuing a course leading to a qualification in Medical Laboratory Sciences provided they have proof of studentship.

Honorary Membership

This is offered by the Association to persons who have shown interest in the Association after rendering distinguished service towards improvement /or made outstanding contribution to AKMLSO.

Founder Membership

This membership category is offered to members who joined the society on its inception in 1964 and have no voting rights.

Absentee Membership

This membership categoy is offered to members residing outside Kenya but subscribing to the Association and have no vote.

Corporate Membership

This is offered to organizations with interest in medical laboratory sciences and shall include students associations. Corporate members shall have no vote.

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