AKMLSO Membership Types

Temporary Membership

This membership is temporary. Student Membership is open to students pursuing a course leading to a qualification in Medical Laboratory Technology (sciences) from Institutions approved by KMLTTB.

  • Entrance fee – Kshs. 100
  • Membership fee – Kshs 500
  • Subscription – Kshs 250 per month
Ordinary Membership

Membership into the Association is open to qualified and registered Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers. Qualifications Must have a qualification in a Medical Laboratory Science Discipline to one of the following levels:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Bachelors Degree
In addition, the following credit hours must have been achieved:
  • Certificate – 2200 Hours
  • Diploma – 4200 Hours
  • Bachelors Degree – 5400 Hours
  • Entrance fee – Kshs.100
  • Membership fee – Kshs 500
  • Subscription – Kshs 500 per month
Corporate Membership

This is offered to members in sales, marketing or commercial organizations and institutions. AKMLSO members are drawn from both public and private sectors. They are found across the country manning medical laboratories upto the lowest level, making our society to propagate government policies and professional welfare matters to the lowest unit of the ministry.

Honorary Membership

This is offered by the Association to persons who show particular interest in the Association or render distinguished service towards improvement and/or make outstanding contribution to AKMLSO. Such person(s) are non-Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers.

Founder Membership

This is offered to members who joined the society on inception in 1964.

Absentee Membership

This is offered to members residing outside Kenya but subscribing