Why Sign Up for AKMLSO Membership?

Membership Benefits


Enhance your Professional Development through various publications, annual scientific conferences, free medical camps, celebrating world laboratory day, seminars and workshops.
AKMLSO provides continuing education credits through hundreds of quality programs on topics of critical interest – programs reviewed for educational content, relevancy to the profession, qualification of faculty and structure.
You can earn credits for re-certification or to fulfil re-licensure requirements. AKMLSO also offers focus, a convenient mail-in continuing education program published in our newsletter.

The Association negotiates for terms of service for the membership and conditions of service, and allowances for it’s members and Protects professional interests.

Annual Scientific & Exhibition Conference

In this forum, experts in Medical Laboratory Sciences will meet and share their diverse experiences in the medical profession which will include scientific paper presentations (Oral & Poster), Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) students’ forum, symposia/panel discussion, free papers by commercial firms and state of the art exhibition show casing the most modern laboratory diagnostics technology. The conference serves as a major Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity at all levels of medical laboratory profession with the scientific presentations & exhibition playing a major role in helping the professionals keep abreast with scientific & technological advancements and changes in the healthcare sector in general & medical laboratory sub sector in particular.


AKMLSO members are kept informed through society publications (free of charge) start front featuring education and government actions affecting the profession. AKMLSO newsletter is published quarterly and provides timely updates on association activities in the legislative, educational and membership arenas. These publications, along with additional mailings targeted to Society leaders, keep our members informed.

Grassroots Activities

As new laws and regulations bring momentous changes to clinical laboratory science, your AKMLSO membership provides you with liaisons to members of parliament, Ministry of Health officials, and parental chiefs. Our executive committee team monitors and influences laws and regulations that affect the profession. This dedicated team, coupled with extensive grassroots involvement from the membership, ensures that the concerns of the profession are heard in the republic.

AKMLSO is the national nerve for medical laboratory professionals. As the Kenya’s 3rd largest group of healthcare providers, we provide advice and counsel to key decision makers in government and other organization in the health care community. It is important that the public and other medical professionals understand who we are and what we do.
Communication campaign such as free medical camps and national laboratory week increase our profile and strengthen our credibility as patterns in Kenya health care system.